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By Laurent Baffie with Spanish version by Julián Quintanilla

Directed by: Marcela Salas

Cast: Sergio Amsel, Josefina Comune (guest actor), Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Claudia Soroka y Jorge Zambra.

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Presented at Midtown Arts Theater Center Houston (MATCH)

Audience Feedback

…Realmente, pasamos un rato estupendo y nos encantó al función. Sois estupendos… El hecho de que seáis una compañía iberoamericana y hagáis teatro en español, siempre es de nuestro interés.

Julia Olmo
Cónsul General
Consulado General de España en Houston

¡Felicitaciones para todo el equipo de Gente de Teatro! Me encantó la obra y sobre todo la calidad actoral de todos. Del mismo modo, la escenografía e iluminación, maravillosos. Una puesta en escena, en la que tuvieron en cuenta todos los detalles. Están para ir a Avenida Corrientes definitivamente! Saludos y a la espera de la próxima obra 2023!

Sec. Alejandro Anibal Garcia
Deputy General Consul
General Consulate of Argentina in Houston

¡Gracias GdT por sacarnos una sonrisa, por ese paso a la presencialidad y a la alegría! Es un honor apoyar siempre a Gente de Teatro. Son magníficos. Si puedo, voy a otra función. No me cansaría de verlos (M.F.R.)

..I loved the play! Even though my Spanish is not perfect, the body language of each character helped me a lot. Fantastic set, very colorful and creative…You all delivered an outstanding performance. Congratulations! (S.F.)

Hasta me contagiaron el TOC y en el intervalo fui a chequear si habia cerrado la puerta del auto (S.C.)

Ya había visto la película en Netflix y fue divertida, pero nada que ver con esta obra ¡Es fantástica! Los actores, cada cual en su estilo, son geniales. Gracias por tan buenos momentos. (J.R.)

It was hilariously funny!  Everyone gave a great performance...My cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for your next production. Gracias, Gente de Teatro! (A.Y-M.)

Hola Gente de Teatro. Mi esposa y yo los extrañabamos mucho. Esta nueva obra fue fascinante.  Gracias por dejarnos vivir momentos hermosos.  Nos vemos pronto. (J.A.)

Mi madre y yo disfrutamos muchísimo de TOC TOC. La puesta en escena fue excelente. Maravillosos actores que nos entregaron unos personajes totalmente convincentes y las risas se dieron a granel. También fue muy grato para mi madre poder asistir a una obra de teatro en español. Es un mercado completamente desatendido en una ciudad en la que viven cientos de miles que sólo se comunican en ese idioma. (Y.G.)

No sólo gocé mucho la obra y su puesta en escena, pero habiendo seguido durante todos estos años a Gente de teatro, estoy muy gratamente impresionado por el crecimiento que todos han tenido como actores y con la dirección de Marcela Salas. Todos, sin excepción, han pulido sus actuaciones y eliminado las pequeñas gafes evidentes en obras previas. El resultado ha sido una presentación al nivel de un buen conjunto profesional. Felicitaciones a todo el grupo (R.A.)

Congratulations on another wonderful production. I thoroughly enjoyed the play, and the cast was amazing and so funny. Gente is such a gift to Houston theater audiences! I look forward to your next play. (I.N.)

Nos gustó mucho la obra. La actuación fue muy buena. Muchas gracias por cultivar el arte en nuestro idioma materno. (L.S.)

Excelente producción, chistosa con fenomenal actuación. El teatro es agradable y fácil el estacionamiento. (P.L.)

Toc Toc…Terrific! I truly enjoyed this performance of Toc Toc. The actors pulled me into this story from the moment they walked onto the stage! A hilarious and well executed production. Bravo Gente de Teatro! (L.M.B.)



by Claudia Soroka

Directed by: Marcela Salas

Cast: Sergio Amsel (Negro*), Ana Scuseria (Mabel), Claudia Soroka (Yoli) & Jorge Zambra (Osvaldo)

* Commonly used Argentine term of endearment

Presented at Midtown Arts Theater Center Houston (MATCH)

Audience Feedback

- Coming soon -

August 2019

Seminario de Actuación Internacional

Seminario de Actuación Internacional
with Paula Grinszpan & Lucía Maciel

Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston



by Claudia Soroka

Directed by: Marcela Salas

Cast: Sergio Amsel (Negro*), Ana Scuseria (Mabel), Claudia Soroka (Yoli) & Jorge Zambra (Osvaldo)

* Commonly used Argentine term of endearment

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University

Audience Feedback

I would not want another day to go by without expressing my congratulations and admiration for the magnificent job of creating a play with a rarely-seen degree of perfection! As a linguist I paid special attention to the dialogues which -though normal and ordinary- had a profound meaning. We saw a magnificent comedy; well written, well imagined. My most sincere admiration.

Hector Urrutibeheity
Professor Emeritus
Rice University

I had the opportunity to see the play last Sunday and wrote a brief review on deinospoesia.com.
It was a pleasure to see this production. Thank you.

Yoandy Cabrera, PhD
Hispanic Department
Texas A&M University

Soroka not only captures the emotional instability caused by being uprooted, but also shares the comic moments we lived through when arriving to this country. The impeccable performance of the actors is understandable precisely because each one of them has lived part of the play in their own experience, one way or another. The play makes you laugh a lot, but undoubtedly there are moments when tears flow, as we identify with the pain of leaving behind what was ours in order to adapt to a new life. Excellent job! Don’t miss this play; take your Kleenex with you, but also be prepared to laugh hard.

Patricia Gras, Multiple Emmy ® Award Winner
Patricia Gras Productions LLC
A Media, TV and video Production Company

I thought that the play was great. It masterfully captured the immigrant experience from the challenges of learning a new language and culture to adjusting to new foods and life styles to missing one’s native home and a lifetime of memories left behind. The cast was exceptional, and Claudia Soroka’s play was insightful, funny, and poignant. Thank you for another wonderful performance.

Isabel Nart

Both my husband and I thought the four of you did a great job and your acting  was excellent . Besides the script by Ms Soroka the four of you were great and made this production a success . We enjoyed it very much , thank you, (M.U.)

It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a play more! The actors were excellent as was the play. I think everyone in the audience, which was predominantly latino, could identify with some part or another. Claudia captured the immigrant experience with intelligence and humor. Well done! (A.)

I went to the Sunday performance with my husband and I was delighted! Excellent script; funny and deeply touching. But more than anything, so spot on! I identified with the feelings we experience and the comparisons we make as immigrants when we first arrive; and with the difficult process we have to endure in order to adapt, a process you cannot understand unless you live through it. I am not Argentinian - I am Mexican- but I understood everything and the story line really connects to our culture. Congratulations on your fine work, and please keep on going! (Z.M.)

Magnificent play! Comprehensive, emotivel! It is always a pleasure to see all of you on stage. Congratulations, once again, to GDT. Outstanding! 100% recommended! (V.)

We loved the play! We were touched, we laughed, we cried. “Remembering our journey and our roots is as necessary as breathing…” (F.)

We went to see Madenusa the evening of May 4th as a birthday gift to our mother. As immigrants, we loved the play. I have been in Houston for 11 years, and she has been here for a year and a half; and we both easily identified with all the characters. She particularly identified with “El Negro” and her wife and I with the other couple, for obvious reasons. We laughed, but we also contained our tears; the subtlety in which the theme of the play was presented was exceptional, and when the group goes back on stage in November, we will be there. Best regards and we look forward to continuing to support your group. (M., L., C. & J.)

I have been following the group since 2002 and will continue doing so for as long as God will allow me to see. I loved the play! I’ll be back to see again in October. (V.A.)

Thank you for your professional work of excellence! Congratulations to the playwright, the director, and the actors. Will be back in October! Bravo !! Bravo !! (C.V.)

…I must confess that it was my first play in the USA and I don’t have words to express what I felt; it seemed the message was directed at me. You couldn’t have done a better job at describing how so many of us feel. I came to this country when I was 13 years old, yet the feelings of nostalgia are ever more intense. As the main character said…”not all of us were born to be here”. A thunderous applause to all of you. (V.S.)

Dear Claudia. We just left the theater and I must confess that I have all kinds of feelings. The play you wrote is phenomenal and clearly reflects so many of us. Congratulations, and thank you for expressing in words in this beautiful play, so many feelings we keep inside ourselves. (M.I.)

Dear Claudia: Congratulations! I loved your work, MADENUSA. I hope you will continue writing and thus expanding our theater experience in Houston. A big hug. (A.)

Congratulations to the entire team for the excellent job in presenting Madenusa. What a pleasant and reflective time you afforded us all. A special and well-deserved congratulations to Claudia for a script that was both funny and profound. It was a balanced presentation of what it means to emigrate from Latin American countries to the United States. A play that shows respect for the country where we now live and that, at the same time, motivates us to reflect about the high emotional costs that we pay as immigrants. Thank you for such work of excellence. (G.D.)



by Jordi Galcerán

Directed by: Marcela Salas

Cast: Sergio Amsel (Pablo), Esteban Gago (Vicente), Ana Scuseria (Laura) & Claudia Soroka (Reme)

Presented at Midtown Arts Theater Center Houston (MATCH)

Audience Feedback

Our experience was simply great! This was our first time going to a play of yours- as we are relatively new to Houston. Next time, we will bring our friends and will continue supporting the Latino theater in Houston. We salute you and are grateful for the work you do. We appreciate it and fully enjoy it! (S-L family).

The play was hilarious! And with a couple of unexpected and very funny twists. I always enjoy your plays. Keep it up! I also think that Match is a very good venue for these presentations. Regards (A. Y-M)

The staging of Cancun was superb. A great play with dynamic flow and rich dialogues between the four characters, all of which kept us intrigued and entertained during the presentation. I loved each of the characters’ development (kudos to the actors!) and the ending with a reflection on perception of reality, causality, and free will. Your group is definitely one of Houston’s artistic jewels! Thank you! (S.Z.)



by Jordi Galcerán

Directed by: Marcela Salas

Cast: Sergio Amsel (Pablo), Esteban Gago (Vicente), Ana Scuseria (Laura) & Claudia Soroka (Reme)

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University

Audience Feedback

The latest play was really interesting! I loved the playwright’s trick that at the end of the day you really don’t know… really don’t know the truth. Besides, great performances! … What truly fascinates me is Gente de Teatro’s selections. They are invariably appealing, yet there is always a solid background to them…
Rose Mary Salum - Literal Magazine, Latin American Voices / Voces Latinoamericanas, Founder & Director

… I’m really the one feeling both honored and rewarded to be able to witness such a performance. It was wonderful! I truly enjoyed it. As usual, you were all excellent. I’m already spreading the word for others to go see it in the fall. (J.N.)

I’m only writing to thank you for the dedication and professionalism you put into each play. It was without a doubt, and as always, a placer to watch you on stage. May there be many more successes, and I’ll see you next time. A great admirer of your work. (V.)

We LOVED the play last night...We were very impressed with your commitment to Spanish and the retention of the culture through the arts.  We will be back!!!!  (A.N.)

It was a fabulous performance, and we look forward to enjoying more. (A.S.R.)

I saw the play tonight and, as always, this cast, or shall we say team of professional actors never ceases to amaze. The play was a bit slow at the start, but as soon as the unexpected twists and turns began, the audience enjoys the roller coaster of the characters’ lives. It reflects what we have, what we really want, what we wish and what is real. The ending is the best part. You never know what you’ll end up with, but in the meantime enjoy the ride! Kudos once again…There is a profound message in this play. I like that. (P.G.)

Great play! You made me laugh, think. Excellent! The acting: magnificent! Let the successes keep on rolling! (C.G.)

I love to watch you. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several of your plays, and I’ve become a fan. Excellent presentation. Fine acting; it always makes me smile. (V.B.)

First, let me congratulate you and the company for a wonderful performance. All of you were amazing, and I loved the show. You are so great at selecting plays that highlight your considerable talents, and that is a rare quality in the theater world… (I.N.)

Fabulous! (M.O.)

It was wonderfully funny, intriguing and above all, entertaining. As always, a pleasure to see you acting, guys. Congratulations and may the successes pile on. I’m ready for the next one. (V.)

I thought the play was fabulous, not just because it’s so funny, but also because of the unexpected message. I think it was the best of all your plays so far! … Congratulations! I hope you stage it again because I’d love to see it once more. (B.S.)

I love how this group brings in plays that I haven’t heard of and which are always a little different.  The acting was wonderful, and I really enjoyed myself.  I never regret going to any of these shows!  (C.G.)

You did it again! Great acting and good casting… Thank you for such fun yet “existential” moments. We kept talking about the play for hours … (R. d V., M.R.)

The play was very funny and it made me laugh a lot. The actors are awesome! I highly recommend it. See you at the next play!! (P.H.)

“Cancún” was an experience, an excellent play and a great performance. The choreography, lighting, music and ambiance were superb. The actors are getting better if possible with every play. We laughed non-stop, but the seriousness of the problem came across. If they show it again do not miss it! I will see it again... (Z.L.)

January 112018

"Loca por las Plumas"

by Pablo Albarello

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Esteban Gago (Dr. Dapiaggi) & Ana Scuseria (Evangelina)

Presented at Ragú & Pesto Italian Cuisine, Bar & Grill

December 142017

"Loca por las Plumas"

by Pablo Albarello

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Jorge Zambra (Dr. Dapiaggi) & Claudia Soroka (Evangelina)

Presented at Ragú & Pesto Italian Cuisine, Bar & Grill

October 12, 13, 14 & 152017

"Querido San Antonio” (Dear Saint Anthony)

by Patricia Suárez

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria & Claudia Soroka

Presented at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH)

April 27, 28, 29 & 302017

"Querido San Antonio” (Dear Saint Anthony)

by Patricia Suárez

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria & Claudia Soroka

Presented at Rice University

Audience Feedback

“I thought the play was excellent, very charming, and well produced. The acting was impeccable, and the play very well done. It’s a privilege to have a theater company (and in Spanish) of this caliber in Houston. The professionalism with which you work makes one feel very proud to be Latino.”
Rose Mary Salum - Literal Magazine, Latin American Voices / Voces Latinoamericanas, Founder & Director

“Congratulations on the show and the fantastic post-show discussion! I’m a big fan of the work you produce and the way in which you do it. Houston is very lucky to have Gente de Teatro.”
Skyler Gray Alley - Theatre, Literary Manager

“The play was incredible; we laughed so much we cried; very entertaining. As always, it will be a pleasure to recommend you. Congratulations to this great team” (V.U.)

“Stupendous presentation. Querido San Antonio is a very entertaining play with an excellent theme. Gente de Teatro is an absolutely fantastic theater group; very professional, with excellent actors, scenery, and a very good selection of plays. I’m looking forward to seeing the next play, and we hope to have Gente de Teatro for many years to come. Thank you for your great work” (M.I.)

“I’ve been following you from the beginning, enjoying each of your plays. Thank you for having created this group and giving us such a pleasurable time. Marvelous acting in the play Querido San Antonio. Please continue with this beautiful art” (P.S.)

“The play is very charming, with light humor expressed in an elegant manner. I thought it was excellent the way in which the scenery was mixed with projections. The actors and actresses were genius. Congratulations!” (C.Z.)

“…I very much enjoying attending these plays as they are so entertaining. Thank you for bringing attention to these playwrights that deserve being represented. Cheers and much success” (R.C.)

October 20, 21, 22 & 232016

"“Bajo Terapia” (In Therapy)

by Matías Del Federico

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Sergio Amsel, Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Claudia Soroka & Jorge Zambra

Presented at Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH)

Audience Feedback

As always Gente de Teatro never disappoints and always surprises with stellar acting, unique plays and insights into every day ordinary and not so ordinary lives. KUDOS! (P.G.)

Completely unexpected ending. It was my first time attending this theater and a comedy spoken only in Spanish and I have absolutely no regrets for buying tickets to this show. The actors were very credible and it really made me feel several emotions with their stories. Excellent job! I hope to see more of it! (M.M.)

This was my first time at Match Theater and what an amazing treat. The installation is really nice and the play was incredibly witty. The actors were truly incredible and at times I forgot I was in a theater and felt more as if I were a participant in the play. So well done. Want to come back for more. Thanks and hope to see many more plays of this caliber. (A.S.)

Outstanding. Great job!

I was impressed with the production quality of the show and the large audience in attendance.

Excellent play, l liked the small cafe outdoors of Match. Easy to purchase tickets. Overall a great experience.

June & July 2016

"Lombrices" (Worms)

by Pablo Albarello

Artistic Director: Lidia Porto
Cast: Ana Ilvento Scuseria y Claudia Soroka

Presented at Ragú & Pesto Teatro Gourmet, Houston, TX

May 5, 6, 7 & 8 2016

"“Bajo Terapia” (In Therapy)

by Matías Del Federico

Directed by: Marcela Salas
Cast: Sergio Amsel, Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Claudia Soroka & Jorge Zambra

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

Excellent performance!!! Between laughs and surprises, time really flew by…not to mention the extraordinary performance of each of the actors and the very unexpected ending!!! I had a wonderful time!!! M.R.

Hi…excellent play! It had been quite sometime since I’d seen a performance like that! I couldn’t stop laughing! I loved it and hope you’ll perform it again! K.R.

I attended the performance on Friday, May 5, 2016. On Saturday I posted on Facebook. If you knew me personally would know that: 1) I almost never use Facebook, and 2) I almost never have time to make recommendations. However as I said, on Saturday I made a public comment on Facebook in which I recommended the play to family and friends. I have seen many plays in my life, but none as good as this. I congratulate you and may you continue with the good work. O.M.

It was fabulous! Very good actors, a sensitive issue presented in a very clever, very funny and entertaining way. I congratulate you! M.A.

Congratulations on another wonderful production. It was amazing. I.N.

To all involved I want to say that I was really moved by how much meaning was packed in this single work. I am a domestic violence counselor and I realized that you touched on such profound topics as relationship issues, issues involving children, struggles that exist in our society because of lack of information, and many other topics. But not only that, it was so enjoyable! I so enjoyed the acting and the characters. All I can say is congratulations and I would love if you performed this work again because so many people have yet to enjoy this great play. Congratulations, great cast! B.A.

It is with great pleasure that I give you such high praise for this performance. It was amazing to see the dynamic and how well you performed the piece. Every character led such different lives with nothing in common except the psychologist. Excellent performance, excellent theme, excellent work.Thank you for bringing this kind of theater to Houston. Bravo! R.K.

Gente de Teatro, Thank you for such a wonderful Mother's Day gift last Sunday! The play "Bajo Terapia" was spectacular! I really enjoyed it, I laughed, I anguished, I grew angry, I was rejuvenated! I have followed you for 20 years, and I can safely say that this has been one of the best productions you have done. I congratulate you and urge you to continue, because what you do is not just art but extremely valuable social work, in exposing the human being as it is and at the same time uniting us through Latin American culture. A big hug to everyone, and I’ll see you at the next peformance, I'll be there! F.M.M.

Truly one of the best plays I've seen in a long time. I hope you keep presenting the same caliber of talent in the future. Sincerely, E.P.

We loved the play!! Excellent actors who conveyed the topic so well, with such humor, and with such a profound message that left the public reflecting on coupledom. One way or another, the entire audience was moved by the different characters’ cases. Huge congratulations! F. and O.

My boyfriend and I took my parents out to the show Sunday and they absolutely loved it. The fact is that we don't have a lot of theater in Spanish here- and I was so glad they truly enjoyed the show and were able to have a great time without the language barrier! Thank you for that! I.

I was at the première, and the performance was sensational: the play was extraordinary and the actors were divine. It is a clear example that with little means and a lot of hard work you can get more than outstanding results. Congratulations! I went with my husband and we both left absolutely charmed. What a wonderful time we had! All our encouragement and support so that Gente de Teatro may continue to do great work. Regards,M.P.S.R.

Excellent play! I took my mom for Mother’s Day (May 8) and it was the greatest gift. She loved it, and we can’t wait for your next performance. V.S.

Definitely a very dynamic, fun, and very socially conscious work. The touch of humor delivered with such real, everyday issues made ​​the two-hour performance extremely entertaining. I enjoyed the play with friends and left the theater recommending it highly. I can only thank and congratulate you for your time and dedication to your work. Wishing you lots of success and hope to see you soon. Regards, V.

Excellent!!! I went with my husband who is a psychiatrist and he found the play very well done and the relationship issues well presented. I congratulate you and hope we can see many more works like this. L.F.

Hello! We are delighted to have attended! Baja Terapia is the best work you have performed, really very entertaining and the acting was outstanding. N.N. and P.N.

I greatly enjoyed the theatrical production "Bajo Terapia". I had never attended a play that was entirely in Spanish with English surtitles. Although I grew up with the language as a child, I found the surtitles helpful at times when I didn't recognize some slang terminology. The production was both amusing and dramatic. I would highly recommend it to my friends! I.S.

My wife and I attended for the first time and really loved the performance. The venue (Rice) is perfect for us and we look forward to attending regularly. P.W.

February 19, 20 & 21 2016

"Lombrices" (Worms)

by Pablo Albarello

Artistic Director: Lidia Porto
Cast: Ana Ilvento Scuseria y Claudia Soroka

Presented at Macha Theatre - Mujeres (Women), Advancing, Culture, History & Art - West Hollywood, CA

September 17, 18, 19 & 20 2015

"Cocinando con Elisa" (Cooking with Elisa)

by Lucía Laragione

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo

Cast: Ana Ilvento Scuseria & Claudia Soroka

Presented at Jones Hall, University of St Thomas, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

Since we do not speak Spanish, we relied on the translation, which was wonderfully placed, legible and extremely helpful.  The set, the acting, the auditorium were all perfect.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.  W.K.

CONGRATULATIONS! Excellent work, as always impeccable, from the set, costumes, music, to the direction, this is the work of a brilliant team, and the acting is super! We went to dinner afterward and we continued to find significance in Nicole’s cruel, perverse argument (I definitely don’t want to take a cooking class) and Elisa’s innocence and tenderness . A. F.

I really liked this play, and I left with a lot to think about. Wow! A play that makes you think and want to change for the better! M.C.

Hello, my beloved Gente de Teatro! Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for providing us good theater! The plot was superb, but the prize goes to Ana and Claudia, whose outstanding performance truly made us think, feel, and reflect. Congratulations and again thanks for your time and dedication to this wonderful art. P.C.

May 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 y 10 2015

"Chúmbale" (Keep Barking!)

by Oscar Viale

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo

Cast: Carolina Cutrera, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Ramiro Salas, Claudia Soroka, Jorge Zambra

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

Extremely good!!! J.C.L.

The actors are very good and the pyre was very funny, but we did not understand the work as it wasn’t universal—a little Argentinian history would have helped. Kind regards, B.T.L.

I really liked “Chúmbale”, and truly I love your group. The cast is very good and professional. Congratulations. M.R.

I attended two Sundays ago and had a marvelous time. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and am looking forward to your next performance. A.D.

It was fun. The actors were fabulous. I can't wait until the next play! R.S.

We loved the show. You are all so amazingly talented, & have such passion for the theatre. Keep up the great work! I.N.

Totally fantastic! Good luck with everything! J.N.

We loved this play as much as all the others. The effort and the work you put in to show the public a little bit of “us” is magnificent. Keep going and congratulations!!!! G.F.

A pleasure!! Thank you to all of your for your work and dedication that we enjoy with each performance! Until next time, J.A.N.

We enjoyed it immensely…Thanks! T.R.

Wonderful! Congratulations all!!! O.O.A.

We loved the play. The script is terrific. The performers were fantastic. A first-rate performance. We hope to see your upcoming shows . L.P & J.P.

After three failed attempts to attend your past performances, my calendar freed up this time and last Sunday I very much enjoyed “Chúmbale". I write theater and I always enjoy watching or reading theater. The biggest thrill was when I went to my car with my wife in the parking lot and saw Esteban Gago take out a banner from one of the walls in the back of the theater . He’s not only a talented actor but helps with the props. We could see the true spirit of independent theater. Congratulations on your performance and your dedication, and from now on my personal calendar will work around your next performance in September. Bravo !! Congratulations !! We are fervent supporters of Gente de Teatro. Actually we never miss a performance and we had a great time. Continue your success, we’ll see you soon, thanks. Affectionately, R. P. & O.P.

October 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 & 262014

“Almas Gemelas” (Soulmates)

by Eduardo Rovner

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo

Cast: Sergio Amsel, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria & Claudia Soroka

Presented at Jones Hall, University of St Thomas & Printing Museum, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

I couldn’t stop congratulating everyone involved in this wonderful play! Thank you, thank you for making us laugh so much!! You are wonderful!!!! Thank you for your time, your dedication, and for this beautiful production. Congratulations! (M.P.C.)

We saw the play last night with friends. You and the guys did a spectacular job. Big hug for the four of you. (G.D.)

You can not imagine how much fun I have at your performances! Thank you for your dedication, for giving us your talent, and for showing us such a good time. Keep representing the Hispanic community in Houston at such a high quality! (A.G.)

I really liked the comedy, I found the acting to be excellent and the humor refined. Congratulations to the group, all are very good actors and give us something that nourishes the soul. Regards. (Z.H.)

The performance last Saturday was excelent!!! Congratulations!!!! (J.J.)

Congratulations! (D.D.)

My mother was super pleased with the play. She arrived from Spain last Wednesday and is extremely happy that after just a few days she’s has already had so much fun watching your performance. My colleague was happy to be with her at such a great event. Both have told me they have laughed a lot. Congratulations again ( L.T. )

I wanted to congratulate you and all the cast and production crew for the performance of "Almas Gemelas." I did attend on Oct. 17. Also, congrats on the turnout. That was a large number of people in attendance, obviously you got the word out (A.A.)

The play was brilliant! (T.R.)

Excelent!!!! (M.B.)

I’m so glad this was another great success for Gente de Teatro! Congratulations! (A.R.L.)

Congratulations on another success in Gente de Teatro’s long career. As always, you were excellent!!! Congratulations to everyone involved in GdT (J.S.)

You are a great group!!! You deserve all the success in the world!! (J.J.M.A.)

Congratulations!!! (R.G.)

Gente de Teatro’s best play! (R.S.)

May 1, 2, 3 & 42014

"La Nona"

by Roberto Cossa

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo

Cast: Sergio Amsel, Carolina Cutrera, Luis Alfonso Duluc, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Dora Lloret & Claudia Soroka

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

Excellent work! Super actors for a super play. I saw it twice, and would see it again! F.G.

What a great time we had last night sharing the art of theater! Bravo, bravissimo! To the entire marvelous group who brought this play to life. You are all incredibly astonishing, and we know how hard you work to have such a spectacular result. Genius! Congratulations for the incredible effort you make to make the art accessible to us, the spectators. S.G.

Hello! I am an Argentine actress. I have acted in Argentina since 1998 and in Italy the past 12 years. I saw La Nona on Sunday and enjoyed it terribly. Thank you and congratulations! C.N.

Thank you for offering up such an enjoyable evening last night. Excellent acting; congratulations to everyone and I wish you much success! B.G.

Trevor and I thoroughly enjoyed “La Nona” yesterday. You all did a marvelous job. Much thanks to you and Gente de Teatro for all you do to provide such wonderful entertainment for us all. Hugs, K.R.

I went to see La Nona yesterday with friends. You were amazing! My friends thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re in for the next one! I. G.

I congratulate you for last night! A.W.

Fabulous! Congratulations! I laughed a lot. M.K.

I loved La Nona. Congratulations and thank you so much for putting on such an excellent play. P.D. & L.S.C

Congratulations! A delicious display! M.E.

Congratulations to the entire cast of La Nona; an excellent show, and as always, very good acting. A.L.

Once again, you have made us laugh, think and reflect! Impeccable acting! You have made the Argentine community in Houston proud. Please continue on because it is worth the effort and the dedication. La mejor de la banderas es la Cultural!!!!! Hicieron patria!!!! M.F.R.

Congratulations for last night’s show, to the entire cast. R.C. & C.C.

Congratulations to all the actors and to Marcela Salas for her great directing! B.F.

I loved the play! C.G.

Beautiful play. Congratulations to the entire team for the acting. The scenery, the voices, the lighting, the sounds were all wonderful. I loved how the personalities were represented. Thank you! L.T.

We loved the play. We’re hungry! My husband and I want to know if La Nona was really eating. It appeared so! That’s incredible! G.G.

May 2, 3, 4 & 52013

"Fuga" (Escape)

by Jordi Galcerán

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo

Cast: Sergio Amsel, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria, Claudia Soroka & Jorge Zambra

Photos by Sergio Soroka

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

It was a fascinating experience. I know what it’s like to be on stage, which is why I humbly admire and respect your work. Congratulations! It was an exquisite and enriching evening. M.E.

Dear Gente de Teatro: You have done it once again. The scenery and the excellent music, and the actors gave it their all. It was a pleasure watching the show. Z.L.

You were all exceptional! Thanks! T.R.

Thank you for existing! M.E.

Excellent show! Bravo! For everything: the acting, the comedy, the scenery, wardrobe, hairstyles. All brilliant! And this also includes comments that I heard from others. A. F.

Congratulations on such a beautiful show! E.N.

It was a pleasure helping you and watching the show. You were brilliant. L.S.

I loved the show. Congratulations! R.G.

We loved the show. M.F.

Wonderful job by all on Friday night. Congratulations to the five actors. Congratulations to Marcela, also. G.D.

The production and the acting were truly marvelous! Congratulations! P.G.

We loved the show. Very well acted and quite fun! M.G.

Sept. 6, 7 & 82012

"Dias contados" (On Borrowed Time)

by Oscar Martínez

Life slips by; our days are numbered. Irony is the central pillar of this moving story told by Ana, herself a famous playwright. Días contados (Borrowed Time) is a play within a play, and there is no respite for either the protagonists or the public. Ana endows the account of her days with a humor both caustic and exquisite, and she shares this exercise in attempting to understand life with some rather riveting characters: a dynamic, incisive mother, an inflexible psychiatrist brother and an ex-husband fond of delivering "big" news.

Artistic Director: Marcela Salas
Assistant Director: Carmen Falla Aramayo
Cast: Sergio Amsel, Esteban Gago, Ana Ilvento Scuseria & Claudia Soroka.

Photos by Andrea Civelli

Presented at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

Audience Feedback

"Universality and Ingenuity in Días Contados" (by Ana C. Gutiérrez for www.VisitaHoustonTexas.com)

Congratulations! I agree with the person who wrote the article (Universality and Ingenuity in Días Contados). - G.M.

Very good! I also agree with the journalist. Congratulations to the four of you! I admire both the spirit and heart that you put into it! - S.C.

I totally agree; wonderful and well-deserved article! - B.B.S.

Congratulations to the superb artists. I have no words! Incredible! - S.G.

I took my husband and my two teens. We all loved it. Can't wait for the next production. Bravo! - M.F.CH.

Super satisfied; excellent performance. You’ll die laughing from all the neuroticism at once. - C.C.

The “borrowed time” was wonderful! - S.K.G.

Excellent play! Congratulations. Also terrific job on the subtitles. - H.P.D.

Wonderful play and acting! Thank you for the dedication you put into sharing the plays with us. Saturday’s performance was very emotional. - B.B.S.

Great job by everyone! - J.S.

Congratulations on “Días Contados.” I enjoyed it very much… - C.L.L.

Congratulations and regards to everyone. - M.A.V.

You are very talented. I laughed out loud. Congratulations! - A.G.

Excellent show. Very well done; entertaining and interesting. You were all excellent in your roles. - H.C.

Excellent! The English translation allowed us to enjoy it. - S.M.

Congratulations again for “Dias Contados.” - R.C.

Congratulations to all four of you. I loved the play, but the performances were splendid. We all loved it. Continued success! - M.E.P.