"Dias contados" (On Borrowed Time)

February 2012

Presented at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Audience Feedback

This play was extraordinary. Many thanks and congratulations. I hope to be able to see more productions like this one. - M.G.D.L.

Bravo! As always, it was a real pleasure. - S.C.

Thank you for delighting us with such great acting and subject matter. I really enjoyed the plot, and I even identified with some of Ana’s experiences. It brought to mind my own relationship with my mother and especially my refusal to accept how much I resembled her. With maturity, I adore that resemblance and I carry it with pride. To have found Gente de Teatro was a wonderful discovery. I hope you will delight us soon with another play. Hats off to the Argentinian talent. I have admired and enjoyed it for a long time and I love that now that I live in Texas, I can enjoy your performances. Congratulations! - Z.H.P.

Congratulations on your acting. - L.S.

What a play! What action! What choreography, what a set, and what a great interpretation! 10 points. The best of the best. Encore! It was a privilege to see you. - Z.L.

Great work as always! My guests were extremely impressed. - D.B.

Congratulations! We loved "Dias contados"! - M.L.

Congratulations! The play was marvelous! Everyone’s acting was great. - P.I.

Excellent work, everyone! - P.G.

I LOVED IT! DON’T MISS THIS PLAY. It is different from Lombrices and from Made in Lanús. It will both move you and make you crack up. The characters are delightful. I can’t stop praising this play, the acting, and the production… - G.M.

CONGRATULATIONS once again for the magnificent work that you did with this play. - V.V.

BRAVISIMO!! You were sensational! - J.F.

Congratulations on fantastic acting. We loved it! - D.R.

I wanted to send you my deepest congratulations. You were brilliant, excellent work! - D.D.

Excellent opening night! Congratulations! Everything was impeccable! - A.C.

Thank you, Gente de Teatro! The play was great and the actors’ work even better! We enjoyed it very much. - G.C.

I want to congratulate the entire cast for the excellent performance last night! - A.L.

Congratulations!! Huge success, THANK YOU for giving us the pleasure of such an excellent play with such a magnificent interpretation. - A.F.